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English Springer Spaniels
Welcome to:
Brownwell Kennel
Please read this section...It applies to my dogs or anyone else's who you my be
purchased my first Springer. Her name was Brown's Angel Duchess McDuff
looking at for a prospective pup.
I only breed my dogs that have excellent temperaments. All of the springer puppies here
are raised inside my home until three weeks old, then they are moved out to my kennel
room to learn and grow. They are socialized with my family and other pets. I encourage
families to visit and see my adults. If you are looking for a new member for your family,
you should pay close attention to the parents. Most of the time the pups will take after one
or both of the parents. Be sure to ask about the health of the parents and the
grandparents. Try to spend some time with the parents, see how they get along with other
pets, children and your family. Be sure to ask lots of questions! Most Springers love the
outdoors and water. Springers are very energetic and love attention. They do not do well
being left alone for many hours, because of their love for people.

If you have any questions please call or email..

Feel free to contact me if you have a question. I will try to answer or find someone who can answer
for you, whether you have one of my dogs or someone else's. A good breeder should be there to
answer or help with any questions. Please enjoy looking at my dogs.
. If you have any questions please call or email.

Thanks for looking--Tracy BrownB